Because a few mushrooms are poisonous.


Just in case you were possibly thinking of going out and collecting wild mushrooms and eating them:

I bought my first copy of “Wildman” Steve Brill‘s book on foraging for edibles for a course in college. “People and plants” was a class offered mostly for upperclass students who had been too lazy to finish their science requirements. It was the biology equivalent of “rocks for jocks.”

I knew way too much about plants to be in this class – a fact that left me bored and my professor understandably frustrated with my total lack of effort. I offer this post as a long overdue apology. And a thank you for assigning Steve Brill’s book. I cherish it, and I learned something. I promise.

Read more about “Wildman” Steve Brill and the safe harvesting of wild mushrooms here. (He has iOS apps and flashcards too. Heaven!)

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