*Warning: may contain advice.


While I am often loathe to admit it at the time of delivery, my dad gives valuable advice. Truth be told, I am blessed to have many in my life whose advice I value, but he’s the one I turn to for life’s biggest decisions. Today I am going to share a piece of his advice that I have spent a lot of time thinking about in the past few days.

Several years ago he said to me, “we spend most of our time thinking about life as a timeline, running away from us into the distance. From that perspective, the nearest moments take on the greatest importance. Take time, he advised, to reflect on your life as a series of volumes on a book shelf. You can pull each one off at any time and read it. What does 40 look like, or 60 or 70? Or even six months from now? Remember that those volumes are being written right now by decisions you are making today.”

So I’ve been taking pause and imagining myself, one year from today. What advice would I send back? Which of the resolutions that I am contemplating today would I encourage, saying the sacrifices were small and the payoffs unimaginable? Which challenges, that seem so frightening now, would he tell me to tackle, without reserve, so that I can discover how attainable they have always been?

I wish you all a happy new year. We’ve all got some exciting things to take on in the year ahead! And remember, you are out there, one year older, cheering you on.

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